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President Trump Expands Telehealth Benefits To Fight Coronavirus

President Trump has expanded telehealth benefits to physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, rural health clinics – and ino patient’s homes. As promised, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has expanded its Medicare telehealth coverage during this coronavirus crisis. This expansion enables more patients to get virtual care services from their doctors without having to…

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Animal Model Mimics Early Stage Alzheimer’s in Humans, Path To A Cure?

An animal model using adult rhesus monkeys mimics some of the earliest abnormalities of Alzheimer’s disease. This could give us a better understanding of how the disease begins in humans and pave the path to a cure of this devastating disease.   Developed by scientists at the California National Primate Research Center of the University…

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Flashing Lights, Sounds Found To Reduce Amyloid Plaques In Alzheimer’s

Flashing lights and sounds were found by MIT scientists to reduce amyloid plaques in mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.   This finding is notable as Alzheimer’s, at this time, has no cure. Only a few therapies that try to slow the progression are available.   By exposing mice to a unique combination of light and…

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Knee Pain, Causes, Symptoms And Possible Treatments

knee pain

Knee pain is more prevalent in the United States than you can even imagine. Indeed, according to the Arthritis Foundation, more than 31 million Americans suffer from this condition.   Most people really don’t realize how valuable healthy knees are until these joints deteriorate on them. In fact, your knees are your largest, most complex…

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Tower Lodge Care Center Reviews

See what our clients have recently reported to the independent healthcare consumer resource website, regarding our care!

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CAR-T Therapy Gets Final CMS Approval For Medicare Coverage

car-t therapy

CAR-T therapy is a treatment in which a patient’s T immune cells cells are genetically changed in the laboratory so they can bind to cancer cells and kill them. It has thus far proven to be a successful way to fight and reduce cancer. In addition, it has been approved by the FDA.   Blood…

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Brain Stimulation Can Reverse Memory Loss In Senior Citizens

Brain stimulation can reverse memory loss in senior citizens, a recent study reports.   Researchers at Northwestern University gave electromagnetic brain stimulation to senior citizens, aged 64 to 80 years of age. This stimulation temporarily reversed normal age-related memory deficits.     Brain Stimulation: Study Results Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) was given to 15 senior…

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Blood Test Could Confirm Drug Success Against Alzheimer’s

A blood test that measures a specific protein in the blood could confirm a drug’s success against Alzheimer’s disease, a long-term study reports. This non-invasive blood test is the only way to track the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. This test is designed to measure a blood protein called neuro-filament light. It spills out of damaged…

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Pancreatic Cancer KRAS Gene Key Target In Eradicating The Disease

pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease with no known cure. Recent studies identified a gene in the pancreas, called KRAS, that is the catalyst that transforms healthy pancreatic cells into cancer. Indeed, KRAS drives tumor growth in 95% of people diagnosed with this disease.         KRAS, has proven to be one of…

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Electrocardiogram Size of Cell Phone Allows Home Monitoring, Anytime


An electrocardiogram you can take yourself in your home. Just imagine taking your own eletrocardiogram (ECG) at home and have the results automatically and immediately electronically transmitted to your doctor. That’s right, record the state of your heart anytime you feel it’s necessary or on a schedule set by your doctor. No, this is not…

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