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5 Tips for Senior Downsizing

It’s time for Mom and Dad to move into a place that can take better care of them then they can themselves. The good news is that they agree it’s time. The bad news is that you are looking at a family home with thirty (or more!) years of belongings, and wondering how you’re going…

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Dementia is Underdiagnosed in These 3 Populations

The results of a recent Johns Hopkins study add to the growing evidence that dementia is an even bigger problem than we realize. According to the study, a significant majority of seniors with probable dementia have either not been diagnosed with dementia or are not aware that they have been diagnosed. The biggest risk factor…

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4 Tips for Safe Barbecues

Nothing says summer like a barbecue. When planning a barbecue that includes older people, follow these tips to make sure that it’s fun — and healthy — for everyone. Consider the menu. Most seniors have some dietary restrictions. You can inquire directly about what they might be, but you can also be sure to include…

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