Judging Quality of Life in Nursing Homes

An international group of researchers
has recently found what residents in long-term care facilities value most, and what makes them feel most at home.

The results, published as “Hearing the Voice of the Resident in Long-Term Care Facilities — An Internationally Based Approach to Assessing Quality of Life,”
in The Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, were based on what long-term care facility residents themselves felt was most important for them.

The four most important items, in descending order:

  1. Being treated with dignity by the staff
  2. Receiving the services they need
  3. Being allowed to deciding what clothes they wear
  4. Being allowed to be alone one when they wish

The following four aspects of care were deemed by the residents to be the least important:

  1. Having friendly conversations with staff
  2. Having people to do activities with
  3. Having enjoyable things to do on the weekends
  4. Having the staff know their life story

The higher the scores on the most important items, the more the likely the residents were to express that the facility felt like home. And having their facility feel like home was the most important determinant of their quality of life.

We at Tower Lodge Care Center, in Wall, NJ, are not surprised to see these findings. They confirm what we always strive for in giving our residents the best care. Tower Lodge is small, friendly, and known for its homelike atmosphere. We train all our service providers to treat residents like family, with respect and warmth. We are committed to meeting the needs of each individual resident, whether in regard to their choices of meals, activities, or type of room. Our facility is modern and comfortable, with a large activity room, cozy lounge, and an outdoor patio that allows residents
to enjoy our beautiful landscaping.

If you are looking for facility that will make your loved one feel at home, you need look no further.

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