Lung Cancer Myths and Facts: What You Need To Know

Lung cancer myths abound and much misinformation is disseminated. Read more here and learn the facts.

Lung Cancer Myth: It’s Too Late if You’ve Smoked for Years

Quit smoking and get immediate benefits. Your circulation will improve and your lungs will work better. Your lung cancer risk will drop over time. Moreover, ten years after you kick the habit, your lung cancer risk will reduce by half.

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Low-Tar or ‘Light’ Cigarettes Prevent Lung Cancer

Low tar cigarettes are big risk. In addition, research shows that menthol cigarettes are more dangerous and harder to quit. Their cooling sensation prompts deeper inhalation.


It Is OK to Smoke Pot

Smoking marijuana will increase your lung cancer risk. Combine it with cigarette smoking raises your risk exponentially.


Antioxidant Supplements Will Protect You

Research shows the contrary. There is a higher risk for smokers who take beta carotene. Anti-oxidants derived from fruits and vegetables is fine.


Smoking Is The Only Risk For Lung Cancer

It is the biggest one, but there are others. The No. 2 cause of lung cancer is radon, an odorless radioactive gas. Given off by rock and soil, it seeps up into homes and buildings. Test your house or office for it. Call your state or county health department for information.


Avoid Talcum Powder

In fact, the research actually shows no clear link. However, other chemicals such as asbestos and vinyl chloride, are high risk for this disease.


Quitting Smoking is Pointless

Quit immediately and your treatment will work better and side effects will be milder. And if you need surgery, ex-smokers tend to heal better than smokers. Radiation for cancer of the larynx is less likely to cause hoarseness in non-smokers.


Exercise is Bad For You

Studies conclusively show that regular physical activity reduces the likelihood of contracting this disease.Your lungs strengthen and your risk for heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure are reduced.



This disease is not an automatic death sentence. Follow the advice enumerated above and of course, work with your doctor,

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