Animal Model Mimics Early Stage Alzheimer’s in Humans, Path To A Cure?

An animal model using adult rhesus monkeys mimics some of the earliest abnormalities of Alzheimer’s disease. This could give us a better understanding of how the disease begins in humans and pave the path to a cure of this devastating disease.   Developed by scientists at the California National Primate Research Center of the University…

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Flashing Lights, Sounds Found To Reduce Amyloid Plaques In Alzheimer’s

Flashing lights and sounds were found by MIT scientists to reduce amyloid plaques in mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.   This finding is notable as Alzheimer’s, at this time, has no cure. Only a few therapies that try to slow the progression are available.   By exposing mice to a unique combination of light and…

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Blood Test Could Confirm Drug Success Against Alzheimer’s

A blood test that measures a specific protein in the blood could confirm a drug’s success against Alzheimer’s disease, a long-term study reports. This non-invasive blood test is the only way to track the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. This test is designed to measure a blood protein called neuro-filament light. It spills out of damaged…

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Hip Fractures Could Be Preliminary Indication Of Alzheimer’s Disease

hip fractures

Hip fractures may signal undiagnosed  Alzheimer’s disease or the beginnings of the disease in senior citizens. This comes from a recently published study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.   The study showed that a majority of senior citizens hospitalized for hip fractures had biomarkers for Alzheimer’s in their spinal fluid. Amazingly, this was…

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Young Blood Transfusions For Seniors, Dangerous Scam, Warns FDA

young blood transfusions

Young blood transfusions, aka, taking blood from young people and injecting it into senior citizens to make them feel young and vibrant, is a dangerous scam-warns the FDA.   Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to everyone, and specifically to senior citizens, to refrain from getting a blood transfusion with blood…

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