Tech Bracelet Accurately Tracks Vital Signs, No Wires, Batteries

A tech bracelet accurately tracks vital signs without any attached wires or circuits. The new device, just brought to market, tracks movement, heart rate, and breathing.  There are no hindering wires, batteries or circuits — it’s light weight and unobtrusive. Best of all, it sticks to your skin like a band-aid, you never have to worry about it. Chemical engineering scientists at Stanford University developed this device. 
tech bracelet



Tech Bracelet: How It Works

The tech bracelet, also known as the ‘BodyNet, is a collection of networked sensors that can monitor human physiological signals.


For example, sensors are attached to the wrist and abdomen to detect pulse and breathing. Other areas of the body can be measured and tracked in the sane way.


The BodyNet uses radio frequency identification (RFID). This technology is also used in keyless access systems and key cards.


This device is tailor made for senior citizens, especially if they’re living at home alone — or with a caregiver. Their movements can be tracked 24/7 and help dispatched immediately if they need immediate medical assistance.


The Stanford research team believes that the BodyNet is a device has great utility. For example, healthcare professionals can use the device to monitor people with sleeping problems.


The researchers believe this technology will eventually develop into a full body skin sensor that will collect data like sweat and temperature. The neat thing is that all of these physiological measurements are collected without interfering with normal day activities.

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