Generic Drug Maker Now Challenging Big Pharma On Drug Prices

Generic drug maker, Civica Rx is a not-for-profit generic drug company that intends to shake up the prescription drug marketplace by challenging Big Pharma on drug prices. The beneficiaries are the American people.


Civica Rx was formed by three philanthropies and several health care organizations that now represents 800 U.S. hospitals. Their mission is to ensure that essential generic drugs are available and affordable to everyone.

To date, in response to high prescription drug prices President Trump proposed lowering Medicare drug prices to the levels charged by other countries for these same drugs. Thus far, that proposal is going nowhere fast as the Big Pharma drug companies are effectively lobbying Congress to hold the line.


generic drug maker
generic drug maker


Generic Drug Maker: How Does Civica Rx Lower Costs?

Civica launched in September 2018 and now has contracts with 800 hospitals and also with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.


Getting started they are now manufacturing 14 essential generic drugs that will be purchased and administered by their member health care providers.


Here are a few examples of the very high prices.

In 2015, Turing bought the rights to Daraprim, the trade name of generic pyrimethamine. This drug treats a serious parasite infection of the body, brain, or eye.They raised the price of one pill from $13.50 a pill to $750.  The cost of the treatment protocol then went from $1350.00 to $75,000.

Civica can manufacture and sell one pill of Daraprim for $3.50.


Digoxin, a heart medication went up in price by 2,800 percent cent in one year.


Nitrofurantoin, a generic drug used to treat bladder infections went up in price by 500%. This is a critical drug and is listed by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine.


Two factors enable Big Pharma to jack up prescription drug prices: 1)A limited supply of essential drugs and 2) deep pockets that allow large drug companies to undercut price and squeeze small generic manufacturers out of business.


On the other hand, Civica is non-profit and has signed contracts with a large core of participating members.

Large volume commitments enable Civica to lock in reasonable and transparent prices. This helps maintain stability and consistency in drug availability and cost.


Bottom line: This is a big win for the consumer.

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