Obesity Epidemic Could Be Reversed With This Powerful Implant

Obesity is currently a world-wide epidemic. Indeed, according to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), well over 33% of people in the United States are obese.

And the obesity rates continue to soar. It seems that just about everyday a new diet plan is hawked by an author, claiming high success rates. Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, all of these diets are duds. None of them are long-term solutions, and once you crash, you gain back even more weight than your original start off point. 

The CDC estimates that world-wide, 4 million people died of gross overweight just in 2015 alone!

These worrying trends mean scientists are focused on understanding the causes, risk factors, and implications of obesity.

The reason why some people become obese and others do not, is complicated.  It certainly involves genetic, hormonal, and psychological factors.   

Basically, overweight is the constant intake of more calories than the body uses. With diets and gastric bypass surgery having mixed results, Some scientists are looking for ways to trick the brain into consuming less food.





Obesity: New Powerful Implant To The Rescue?

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have now tested a groundbreaking, high-tech solution.

It is a small, implantable device that has significantly reduced weight and hunger pangs in rats. 

The tiny implant is less than 1 centimeter across, hs a flexible power generator, and is implanted using a minimally invasive technique.

The implant sends small pulses of electricity through the vagus nerve to the stomach. The vagus nerve is the main artery that connects the brain to the stomach. 

This mild stimulation convinces the brain that the stomach is full and reduces feelings of hunger. The implant gets its power from the stomach during digestion. The device only works when the arrival of food causes the stomach to move.

Therefore, the implant is sending the brain signals at precisely the time the stomach is actively processing food. This sets off a natural response to control further food intake.



Obesity: Attractive Features Of New Stomach Implant

The new implant has no battery or wiring, and automatically responds to your body functioning. 

There are several additional attractive features to this implant.

First, it is safe. The implant stayed in the correct position throughout the 12-week trial. 

Second, there were no measurable negative impacts on the rats’ kidney or liver functions and no signs of infection.

In the next research phase, larger anima will be tested with this stomach device.

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